Safety and Environmental Policy

  • Super Drilling is committed to occupational health, safety and environmental (OHS&E) quality and training policies that will improve working efficiency, prevent any injuries to employees or damage to the environment.
  • Super Drilling is committed to placing in the highest regard occupational health and safety during performance of the work.
  • Super Drilling shall ensure all of its employees are aware of and obey all project site OH&S policies and code of conduct.
  • Super Drilling will always ensure that all new employees attend project site induction courses before commencing any work on site.
  • Super Drilling has all local staff trained in basic first aid.
  • Super Drilling has adequate first aid kits on all operating machines and a basic kit in each vehicle. Stretchers will be on hand as necessary. All OHS&E incidents or accidents will be reported to site safety/medical coordinator immediately and the accident/incident report will be forwarded to the site management within 24 hours.
  • Super Drilling will ensure that all work is undertaken in accordance with the environmental policy as well as with project site environmental policy.
  • Super Drilling will ensure that all materials used are contained within the designated drilling machine and pad site and within sumps or bunds. Oil/fuel and chemicals are to be stored according to the client’s requirements in covered bounded areas, and spills are to be contained and cleaned up to a standard satisfactory to the client. Drainage to prevent soil erosion shall be maintained wherever possible, while complying with project plan, and waste will be collected and removed according to the client’s instructions.
  • Super Drilling shall not remove rock, soil or cut down and remove trees or other vegetation without first obtaining permission from the client. All scheduled plant maintenance and cleaning shall be carried out at the working site. Unscheduled maintenance or repairs on site will be carried out and cleaned up to the client’s standard.