Concrete Core Drilling

What is Concrete Core Drilling?

Core Drilling is a process of boring holes through concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block, stone and masonry, which is executed when a material sample is required or access through concrete is required.

What is the process of execution?

  1. A core is usually cut by means of a rotary cutting tool with a diamond bit. Water supply is necessary to lubricate the cutter.
  2. A core cutter shall be located perpendicular to the horizontal surface, when possible, with its axis perpendicular to the bed of the concrete as originally placed

How can Concrete Core Drilling be used?

Core Cutting is used to cut the core of an existing concrete structure for testing the physical properties of the concrete like compressive strength, density, water absorption, crack depth and chemical test like depth of carbonation and chloride content etc. It can also be used to inspect the interior region of the structural members.

Which industries use Concrete Core Drilling?

  • Mineral Exploration
  • Civil Construction

Some projects where we have executed Concrete Core Drilling

  • Executed core cutting for L&T Rajpura.
  • Executed core cutting for CCCL for their DMRC Car Parking Project.
  • Executing core drilling for Chennai Metro Rail Project
  • Executed more than 500 Mtr core drilling upto a 75Mtr depth for M/s Italian Thai Development Public Ltd. in Koldam, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Executed 300 Mtr core drilling upto a depth of 63 Mtr for NTPC Ltd. in Koldam, Himachal Pradesh.