Cementitious Grouting

What is Grouting?

Grouting is the process of injecting cement or relevant chemicals into the substrate, to fill voids. Grouting is used for soil stabilization, treatment of leakages inside tunnels and for strengthening soil bearing capacity. Different methods include Curtain Grouting, Consolidation Grouting, Permeation Grouting and TAM Grouting.

Details on the different kinds of Grouting techniques

As mentioned above, there are different techniques used for Grouting. Processes followed by a number of them are, as listed below:

  • Permeation Grouting is defined as the flow of a low-viscosity grout into the pores of the soil without displacing or changing the soil structure. The characteristics of the ground are modified with the hardening or gelling of the grout. Depending on the requirements of the project, grout materials can be temporary or permanent.
  • Rock curtain grouting is the filling of fractures and fissures in rock to reduce permeability, strengthen or stabilize the rock, or both. The grout curtain is constructed by the drilling and grouting of closely spaced drill holes, oriented to optimize the intersection of rock joints.
  • Consolidation Grouting involves injecting a grout material to fill the defects in rocks, which are the pathways through which fluids or gases migrate in most rocks. With grout filling the rock discontinuities, the hydraulic gradient is reduced as the liquids or gases move through the grout, ultimately reducing or stopping migration.
  • TAM Grouting (Tube-à-manchette) involves a perforated pipe being grouted into the hole with a special sleeve grout. The holes are covered with short sections of manchettes on the outside of the pipe that act as one-way valves. A double packer is used to control the treatment location. The pressure on the grout pumped into the hole between the confining packers causes it to push past the manchettes covering the perforations, rupture the sleeve grout, and enter the soil.

How can Grouting be used?

  • Permeation Grouting is used in soil stabilization, for utilities support and to provide water tightening to various structures.
  • Rock Curtain Grouting is used to reduce water seepage and pressure beneath a dam or another structure.
  • Consolidation Grouting is carried out within a rock mass with the intent of filling rock mass discontinuities.
  • TAM Grouting is carried out in soil formations. It is used to stabilize soil above or underneath tunnels and dams.

Which industries use Grouting?

  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Mining

Some projects where we have executed Grouting

  • Executed grouting at Tawa Dam for dam rehabilitation for Department of Water Resources, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Executed grouting for Afcons for Chennai Metro Rail Project.
  • Executed TAM grouting for M/s NTPC Limited at Firoz Gandhi Unchahar Thermal Power Project in Unchahar, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Executed TAM grouting for DMRC as a sub-contactor of L&T and HCC.
  • Executed 15000 Mtr grouting for JSW ISPAT Steel Limited in Dolvi, Maharastra for their raw water reservoir.
  • Executed grouting for M/s Gammon India in Koldam, Himachal Pradesh for Koldam Hydro Electric Power Project.