What is Dewatering?

Dewatering, also known as unwatering or water control, is a method of removal of groundwater or surface water from a riverbed, construction site, caisson, or mineshaft, by pumping or by evaporation.

What is the process of execution?

  1. A trencher installs an un-perforated pipe followed by a synthetic or organic wrapped perforated pipe.
  2. The drain length is determined by the drain diameter, soil conditions and the water table. After installation of the drainpipe, a pump is connected to the drain. After the water level has been lowered, the intended construction can start.

How is Dewatering used?

Dewatering is a necessary aspect of many underground construction projects. Construction sites near coastlines, rivers, dams and other bodies of water and in other situations require dewatering every day, to execute their projects.

Which industries use Dewatering?

  • Construction

Some projects where we have executed Dewatering

  • Executed deep well drilling and dewatering for Chennai Metro Rail Project at Chennai.
  • Executed dewatering, deep well and recharge well for the Delhi Metro’s Airport Line Project.
  • Executed dewatering for cross passage for the Delhi Metro’s Airport Line Project.