Diamond Drilling

What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond Drilling is a form of exploration drilling that produces a core sample, which is extracted for examination.

What is the process of execution?

  1. The diamond bit is mounted onto a drill stem, which is connected to a rotary drill. Water is injected into the drill pipe.
  2. The drill uses an industry diamond encrusted drill bit to drill through the rock. The drill eventually produces a "core".

How is Diamond Drilling used?

Diamond Drilling is used to drill and extract small quantities of the contents of known ore deposits and potential sites.

Which industries use Diamond Drilling?

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mining
  • Mineral Exploration

Some projects where we have executed Diamond Drilling

  • Executed diamond drilling for L&T-Alpine JV in Tapovan, Uttarakhand at TBM site.
  • Executed diamond drilling for Patel Engineering in Tapovan Vishnugarh Hydro Power Project, Uttarkhand.