Core Drilling is executed when a core sample or an access through the concrete wall is required. This may be required for the drilling of anchorage in the D’wall or similar work. We are executing similar work for the underground construction work. SDPL is well experienced and well-equipped to carry out these works.

King Post

King Post is a vertical supporting post which is mainly used for the preparation of site for the underground construction. King Post is also used in the construction of roof for the surface while underground construction is continued under the surface.

Toe Pin

Toe Pin a vertical support of shuttering of the soil to strength the shuttering in order to prevent the soil displacement during deep excavation while construction work continues. This is very useful is the construction of bridge and underground civil construction; where deep excavation is to be carried out.

Mini Pile/ Micro Pile

Micro Pile, also known as Mini Pile, is used for strengthening and stabilizing the foundation of existing constructions. This is mostly used in civil projects like bridge, tower etc. Micro Piles are normally of diameters of 100 to 400 mm and are also used for slope stabilization.

Shear Pin

We carried out installation of Shear Pin for prevention of damage from overload or load displacement.

Soldier Piles

Soldier piles are constructed of H- Beam about 2 to 3 m apart. It is installed prior to excavation. As the excavation proceeds, horizontal timber lagging is inserted behind the H- Beam flanges. The horizontal earth pressures are concentrated on the Soldier Piles because of their relative rigidity compared to the lagging. Soil movement is minimized by maintaining the lagging in firm contact with the soil.