Pipe Jacking

What is Pipe Jacking?

Pipe Jacking is a method of laying specifically designed underground pipes without digging a trench. The pipes are assembled in an access shaft and then pushed into position by a hydraulic jack.

What is the process of execution?

  1. At the surface, a launch and a target shaft are setup.
  2. Hydraulic jacks drive the tunneling machine, which is positioned at the tip.
  3. Once the thrust cylinders have reached their final position, they are retracted.
  4. The tunneling pipe is let down into the launch shaft, installed and then pushed forward.
  5. This process is repeated until the target shaft has been reached.

How is Pipe Jacking used?

Pipe jacking is used for the installation and modernization of underground supply and disposal lines.

Which industries use Pipe Jacking?

  • Sewer Construction and Drainage Systems
  • Water
  • Telecommunications
  • Metro, Rail and Subway Construction
  • Electricity

Some projects where we have executed Pipe Jacking

Executed pipe jacking for drainage systems at Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia for Water and Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS).