Pneumatic Moling

What is Pneumatic Moling/Impact Moling?

Pneumatic Moling, also known as Impact Moling, is a trenchless method used for pipe or cable laying. A self-propelled pneumatic hammer is used to drill through and cover short distances, without digging an actual trench.

What is the process of execution?

  1. A launch pit and a reception pit are first excavated at the ends of the bore path, to a little distance more than the planned depth of the installation.
  2. Using a ranging rod in the reception pit and a sighting telescope in the launch pit, the initial line of the bore is established by physically aiming the mole towards the ranging rod target. The mole is launched and allowed to advance a short distance.
  3. The line is checked for a final time before the whole body of the mole enters the ground.
  4. The bore is completed when the mole arrives at the reception pit, and the tool can be removed after the product pipe, duct or cable has been drawn into the pit.

How is Pneumatic Moling/Impact Moling used?

Impact Moling is method of installing small to medium sized pipes, ducts and cables for a broad range of utilities including gas, electricity, water and telecommunications. The technique is commonly used for simple road crossings and the installation of service connections between main lines and individual properties as well as for environmental protection on installations running beneath trees, roads and other structures.

Which industries use Pneumatic Moling/Impact Moling?

  • Oil and Gas
  • Water
  • Drainage/Sewer systems
  • Irrigation systems

Some projects where we have executed Pneumatic Moling/Impact Moling

  • Executed pneumatic moling for Reliance Industries for FTTX work at Noida.
  • Executed pneumatic moling to lay electrical cables for North Delhi Power Ltd .