Water Well/Tube Well Drilling

What is Tube Well/Water Well Drilling?

As the name suggests, Tube Well or Water Well Drilling is the process of drilling a deep hole or shaft, by driving a tube into the earth to a stratum that bears water.

What is the process of execution?

  1. We drill 200-300 mm dia-hole, upto the required depth by rotary drilling method or DTH drilling method.
  2. After drilling, a steel/PVC pipe is lowered into the borehole, upto the required depth.
  3. Then gravel is packed from top of the tube well to fill the gap between drilled borehole and pipe.
  4. We then install an electric/diesel operated water pump.

How can Tube Well/Water Well Drilling be used?

There are different kinds of wells that can be constructed—high capacity, medium capacity and low capacity.

Tube Well/Water Well Drilling is used to draw/extract groundwater for different purposes.

Which industries use Tube Well/Water Well Drilling?

  • Water Resources
  • Irrigation

Some projects where we have executed Tube Well/ Water Well Drilling

  • Executed deep well for Rites Ltd. in Delhi.
  • Executed installation of tubewells for Delhi Jal Board.